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Tips for Anyone Taking Up Running

Welcome to my new website and my first blog post. I’m passionate about treating and aiding athletes, from elite standards to recreational athletes who are engaging in physical activity at any level.

The London Marathon saw over 30,000 people taking part in what has become the world’s largest charity fundraising event, with over £700 million raised for charity since it was first run in 1981.

Athletes entering the London Marathon range from elite, Olympic-winning long-distance runners to non-runners that only commenced training when they won their all-important place. Here’s some advice to armchair enthusiasts that might have been inspired by the marathon spectacle to take up running:

Check you’re fit and well

Before embarking on any serious fitness regime, it can be wise to visit your doctor to check you are in the best possible shape, particularly if you’re a ex-smoker or still smoking. A family history of heart disease or being overweight will also be taken into consideration by your GP.

Feet first

Even if you’ve got a pair of trainers at the back of your cupboard, it’s wise to invest in a new pair of trainers and proper running socks. Go to a specialist running shop as they will be able to advise you properly and some will even analyse your running gait to ensure you are wearing the best shoes.

What to do if you get injured

Initially, you should halt exercising so you do not exacerbate the injury. However, it’s important to see a sport and exercise medicine specialist or other properly qualified health professional as soon as possible for advice on how to overcome the injury safely. You should never give up as most injuries or illnesses are not a bar to exercising as long as they are managed carefully.

For more advice on running or any other sport, click here to get in touch.

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