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“The physiotherapist who introduced me to Stuart did so in response to my passionate wish ‘to find a doctor who would tell me what I can do rather than what I cannot’. I figured that someone used to dealing with paralympians would be used to people achieving more than would typically be expected of them. I was absolutely right! Stuart’s very first question to me was what did I want to achieve? To my response of ‘to get back exactly as I was before’ he was unfazed. My attitude to my injuries was that they could be life changing, but that would only be the outcome after I had explored all possibilities for them not to be. Stuart deeply helped me do that, with the end result that today I am probably better than I was before my accident.

All of the medical treatment and help I had from a whole mass of medical people over two or three years after my accident and more was really, in my eyes, giving me potential. It was up to me to use that potential. Stuart gave me diagnosis, advice and understanding that enabled me to constantly and progressively push the boundaries without stepping over them. When something was not functioning he diagnosed why and gave me pathways to restore function to a level of my ambition. (My injuries were sufficiently disabling to start with that in some cases it was a long time before some effects or weaknesses became apparent after others were overcome). A great comfort and value I found in Stuart is that he is, in the fullest sense of the term, a ‘general practitioner’ rather than a specialist focussed on a particular part or function of the body. That means his diagnosis and advice is directed towards life outcomes rather than outcomes in a particular medical field.

Today I am fully recovered. I do all the things I ever did as well as or better than I ever did. Stuart’s role in that, through regular but infrequent consultations, was huge. Stuart is one of the superstars of my recovery from a spectacularly bad place. My injuries had potential to be life changing, and most medical people simply advised me to accept that. Not Stuart!”

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