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Sports Injuries

Upper limb injuries


  1. Rotator cuff problems and shoulder bursitis
  2. Frozen shoulder
  3. Tennis and throwing problems in the shoulder
  4. Dislocated shoulder
  5. Shoulder instability
  6. Shoulder balance and stability
  7. Glenohumeral joint arthritis
  8. Acromioclavicular joint pain


  1. Tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis
  2. Golfers elbow/medial epicondylitis
  3. Tennis and throwing problems in the elbow
  4. Medial epicondylar instability
  5. Ligament injuries of the elbow
  6. Elbow joint arthritis and joint disruption

hand and wrist

  1. Bone and joint disruption in the wrist
  2. Tendon injuries
  3. Hand and finger injuries

Lower limb injuries

hip and groin pain

  1. Groin pain
  2. Hip articular problems
  3. Stress fracture of hip and femur
  4. Hamstring injuries
  5. Quadraceps injury

shin, ankle and foot pain

  1. Medial tibial periostitis/shin splints
  2. Tibial and fibular stress injuries
  3. Compartment syndrome
  4. Achilles and other ankle tendon problems
  5. Ankle injuries
  6. Foot posture and injuries

overuse injuries

Knee injuries

ligament and tendinopathy around the knee

  1. Patellar and quadraceps tendinopathy
  2. Iliotibilal band friction syndrome ITB
  3. Other tendon injuries
  4. Collateral and cruciate ligament injury

articular problems

  1. Arthritis
  2. Osteochondral lesions
  3. Meniscal cartilage injury

Cruciate ligament injury

Work-related and non-sporting injuries

Head and Back injuries

  1. Head injury and concussion
  2. Cervical disc and neck pain
  3. Thoracic pain
  4. Low back/lumbar pain
  5. Specific sporting injuries of the back
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