Preventing ski injuries

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Preventing ski injuries

The winter sports season is upon us and as we look forward to injury free skiing and snowboarding I thought I would give you a few tips to stay healthy

Every year skiing holidays are marred by injury on the slopes. Although the rate is not dramatic – about 2 per 1000 skiing days and 5 per 1000 snowboarding days, the effect can be very disruptive particularly as the holiday is all about participation in the sport.

There are a number of simple ways to prevent injury

The introduction of Carver skis has dramatically reduced injury, particularly to knees. Learning how to take advantage of their unique ability to turn easily is extremely important. Many significant knee injuries such as Anterior cruciate ligament injuries occur at slow speed in beginners. Take lessons

Skiing within your capability- don’t be persuaded by better skiers to try slopes and speeds that you cannot cope with. Ski racing and outrageous jumps are for the professionals!

Wear a helmet. Significant head injuries can occur in high speed collisions and when hitting icy slopes. It is a ‘no-brainer’!

Be fit before you travel. Simple lower limb fitness such as walking and in combination with some light to moderate gym weights program, this will make you holiday much more enjoyable.

Seek medical advice – if injured – be sensible and get advice. Just because a bone is not broken does not mean you have not sustained significant injuries. Ligament injuries are very common, particularly in the knee and may be missed.

Wear snug ski boots to prevent ankle injuries and ensure you have your bindings professionally checked and adjusted, and ensure you have ski edges that are sharp enough to control the ski. Don’t opt for cheap equipment, particularly at the end of the season where kit can become worn out.

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